Carré Rose Authentic adult cinema.

Porn for everyone

Carré Rose Films was born out of a desire to see a greater diversity of practices and a better representation of bodies in French porn. Our goal: that everyone finds happiness in the catalogue.


60 minutes with: Fennel

Third episode of our series "60 minutes with"! Today's rendez-vous guy is: Fennel.

Safeword: 8

June Fontaine helps Cas Cuit find his limits in this short BDSM oriented movie.

60 minutes with: Bishop

What started out as a simple idea for "sextapes" turned into an experiment with sex and intimacy. Second episode: Bishop.

The history of Carré Rose Films

Carmina set foot in the porn industry in 2013 when she started writing for Le Tag Parfait, the French magazine dedicated to porn culture. From this point onward, she has been exploring different aspects of the industry. After working as a journalist and reporter, she became an erotic model, a camgirl, and finally a performer and director of adult films. She launched Carré Rose Films in 2018.

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