Here you will find the catalogue of Carré Rose Films productions. Since shooting began in 2017 the team has shot about fifteen short films, some of which have been selected in several festivals in Europe. Multiple practices, varied atmospheres, intimate scenes or films with a classic scenario: take your pick.


ENVY is a reflection about bisexuality, non-binarity, a game about gender and sex and the performance of femininity and masculinity.

60 minutes with Revenge

New episode in our favorite series! This time Carmina encounters with Mistress Revenge. A nice change of pace for her...

60 minutes with Fennel

Third episode of our series "60 minutes with"! Today's rendez-vous guy is: Fennel.

Safeword: 8

June Fontaine helps Cas Cuit find his limits in this short BDSM oriented movie.

60 minutes with: Bishop

What started out as a simple idea for "sextapes" turned into an experiment with sex and intimacy. Second episode: Bishop.


Lina and Carmina make guacamole for dinner.

Deep Cleanse

An appointment at the dentist takes an unexpected turn.

The living room

Part 3 of June and Divine's trilogy : hot BDSM sex with ropes and toys.

The kitchen

Part 2 of June and Divine's Trilogy : a rough yet intimate moment around morning coffee...

The bedroom

Part 1 of June and Divine's trilogy : barely awake, the couple dive straight into what will turn out to be a BDSM filled day.

60 minutes with: Dante

What started out as a simple idea for "sextapes" turned into an experiment with sex and intimacy. First episode: Dante.

Such a good friend

A fun short movie starring Carmina and Kali.

The ad

An orgy in Paris, directed by Dwam and Carmina. Our first collab project!


In this movie, Carmina filmed an intimate moment with Margaux and Francis, a real life couple.

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